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Buy Blanton’s Gold Edition Bourbon Whiskey Online from the bourbonwhiskeystores.com

Buy Blanton’s Gold Edition Bourbon Whiskey Online from the bourbonwhiskeystores.com

Product Information – Buy Blanton’s gold edition

Buy Blanton’s gold edition: Bottled solely for l.  a. Maison du Whisky’s bar, the Golden Promise, this extraordinarily limited Blanton’s single Barrel proudly flies the flag of the Buffalo hint distillery. With most effective 225 bottles launched worldwide, the Golden Promise is defined by way of a specially sunny, fragrant, and gustatory palate, which faithfully reproduces all of the conventional flavors and aromas that Blanton’s is famend for. an impressive tribute to la Maison du Whisky’s strong ties to the Kentucky distiller, in addition to paying homage to the primary unmarried barrel bourbon ever created, in 1984, the Golden Promise is a true collector’s item this is deserving of its ‘unicorn’ status.

Blanton’s bourbon turned into named in honor of one of the distillery’s early leaders, Albert B. Blanton, who the employer claims spent maximum of his life retaining the subculture of handmade bourbon. Blanton labored at the facility now known as the Buffalo trace Distillery for about fifty five years. He was born and raised on a farm just outside Frankfort, Kentucky, and he began operating at the distillery (then called the O.F.C. Distillery) in 1897 as a workplace boy whilst he turned into sixteen years old. Over the next few years he reportedly labored in every branch, and in 1912 he became appointed superintendent of the distillery, its warehouse, and bottling keep – on the equal time that the distillery turned into renamed to come to be the George T. Stagg Distillery. He became president of the whiskey plant in 1921. Blanton died in 1959.

Length: 700ML

Proof: 103 (fifty one.five% ABV)

Origin: Frankfort, Kentucky

Distillery: Buffalo trace Distillery

About the brand

Set up in 1984, Blanton’s bourbon is an icon of Kentucky whiskey, famed for producing the sector’s first commercially offered unmarried barrel bourbon. The Blanton’s brand changed into founded by means of Elmer T. Lee, drawing inspiration from his apprenticeship inside the 1940’s with Colonel B. Blanton, who could individually pick the finest ‘honey barrels’ from the middle of his Warehouse H to supply the very best first-class bourbon whiskeys to dignitaries and VIP guests. nowadays, Blanton’s bourbon is produced with the aid of Buffalo hint Distillery, which boasts a diverse variety of expertly curated premium Kentucky whiskeys. Buy Blanton’s gold edition, The most top class unmarried barrels are produced below the Blanton’s call, using the ‘high Rye’ mashbill, believed to be in the 12-15% rye range. tailor-made for collectors and connoisseurs of the best and rarest spirits, Blanton’s bourbon is not simply regarded for its acclaimed authentic single Barrel supplying. The center lineup consists of the delicate elegance and subtlety of the eighty-evidence green Label special Reserve, the top rate sophistication of the 103 evidence Gold version, and the punchy efficiency of the cask strength SFTB ‘straight from the Barrel’, bottled at upwards of one hundred twenty five evidence. famend for the first-class and complexity of its whiskey, Blanton’s also produces some of quite-restrained and collectible single barrels which have elevated the brand’s reputation globally. From the hyper-rare M&P competition Polish unique editions to the bespoke excellence of l. a. Maison du Whisky’s handpicked picks, Blanton’s bourbon is a powerhouse of cutting-edge Kentucky whiskey, and its unmistakable decanters are coveted across the world. Buy Blanton’s gold edition, Having won infinite awards through the years for splendid bourbon craftsmanship (such as numerous double gold medals on the San Francisco World Spirits competition), it’s no surprise that endless bourbon fans have discovered themselves gathering all 8 horse stoppers with the intention to spell out BLANTON’S.

Tasting Notes – Buy Blanton’s gold edition


In a word, delicious. Raisins, dried fruit, citrus, and clean hay shine through. This better evidence version of Blanton’s includes a moderate boom inside the great alcohol scent at the nose versus the unique unmarried Barrel Blanton’s, at the same time as still supplying a delicious refined smelling bourbon. It’s tremendous how a good deal of distinction and growth in 10 evidence points makes in rounding out a fuller bodied nostril.


The palate on the Gold edition offers an incredible mouthfeel and a subtle taste profile.  Drier than I anticipated based totally on my enjoy with the opposite bottles within the Blanton’s line up, it’s marked with pointers of vanilla, honey, toffee, tobacco, dried fruit, and pepper. The extra evidence is more major in the Gold version particularly with its pepper profile, which starts offevolved as a subtle highly spiced burn on the lower back stop of the palate and roars up inside the finish.


A lingering spice defines this bold end. a nice sluggish burn engulfs your mouth and builds up heat because it slowly travels down your throat with every sip. within that burn you’ve got flavors of diffused rye, charred aged wood, leather-based, and honey. A dry heat stays on your mouth for a noticeable time and without a doubt prolongs the end. i was capable of “bite” on this finish for numerous minutes and was honestly capable of recognize its flavor traits.


Blanton’s Gold version is best bought to select non-U.S. markets. At 103 evidence, Blanton’s Gold version comes in 10 proof points better than Blanton’s unique single Barrel that you could purchase inside the U.S., that’s bought at 93 proof.


The concentrated preliminary nose wavers among liquorice, darkish chocolate, dried apricot and salted butter caramel. Allowed to respire, it turns into floral (vetiver). The invigorating assault is delicately woody (beeswax). It conjures up an apricot sorbet. The elegant mid-palate is powdery and hot (Espelette). The enveloping finish is silky (taffeta) and nobly spicy (saffron). Blanton’s Gold edition has the aroma of honey and vanilla mixed with spices and chocolate that invitations us to Paladearlo. It provides wealth, with a touch of citrus, butter, spices and honey. The stop is lengthy, with a caramel aftertaste and a tender chocolate flavor.

Bottled completely for the Maison du Whisky’s bar, the Golden Promise, this Blanton proudly presents the colors of the Buffalo trace distillery. Buy Blanton’s gold edition from the most important & maximum dependent on premium Spirits marketplace!

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Detailed Description – Buy Blanton’s gold edition

It’s in particular sunny aromatic and gustatory palette faithfully reproduces all of the flavours and aromas accountable for the renown of the primary single barrel bourbon ever created, in 1984. Transcended by means of really noble wood, it’s miles in turns fruity, chocolatey, licorice, floral, herbaceous, medicinal, mineral, spicy, and hot.

Final observe

A historic emblem with a rich history of whiskey craftsmanship, today Blanton’s is one of the principal authorities on first-rate distilled bourbon whiskey. Famed for generating the sector’s first commercially offered single barrel bourbon, the unique single Barrel, Blanton’s now boasts a number of cautiously curated Kentucky bourbon whiskeys tailored for creditors and connoisseurs. whether it’s miles the acclaimed ‘original single Barrel’ taken without delay from the middle of Warehouse H, the cask electricity ‘straight from the Barrel’ designed for fans of sturdy, heavier flavors, or the delicate beauty of the unique Reserve and exquisite-top rate Gold edition, Blanton’s caters to epicures of first-rate taste and whiskey enthusiasts of all walks of existence. Having received countless awards over the years for incredible bourbon craftsmanship, Blanton’s sits with no trouble in the upper echelons of the enterprise and is thoroughly deserving of a distinguished region in any whiskey cupboard. Buy Blanton’s gold edition

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