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Get Eagle Rare 17 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey for $322.99

Get Eagle Rare 17 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey for $322.99

Eagle rare 17 year for sale

Eagle rare 17 year for sale: This rare bourbon ages in oak barrels for nearly two decades and is only available in small quantities once a year, every fall. Sip this polished, well-aged whiskey to appreciate why patience is such a virtue.

Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is masterfully crafted and carefully aged for no less than ten years. The rareness of this great breed of bourbon is evident in its complex aroma, as well as the smooth and lingering taste. Eagle Rare is a bourbon that lives up to its name with its lofty, distinctive taste experience.


This year’s Eagle Rare 17 Year continues the trend of recent years and arrives with a 101 proofpoint and a true age that exceeds its 17 year age statement. While not the highest aged Eagle Rare 17 Year released, its 18 years and 6 months resting in barrels is certainly near the top. With such age there is often a fine line between being balanced versus being over oaked. Thankfully, Eagle Rare 17 tends to skew towards the former. Eagle rare 17 year for sale

The sip opens with a lovely bouquet of scents in the nose. The soiree of sugars and sweet aromas with a hint of oak provides a fantastic opening to the sip, one that makes you want to linger on it before diving in. The rest of the sip follows suit, with a more straightforward but nicely balanced palate, and a finish that while good, is a tad dry and short. Ending on this dry crisp note is clearly the low point of the sip. Overall, Eagle Rare 17 Year delivers a great pour that walks the line between oaky flavors that are characteristic of a higher aged bourbon and more lively flavors that add dimension. The higher age and higher proof has treated this brand well recently, and while it still has to correct a few of its shortcomings, Eagle Rare 17 Year may one day become the standout of the Collection if it continues this trend.

About Eagle Rare 17 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery as part of the Antique Collection, Eagle Rare 17 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey honors the launch of the Eagle Rare Brand that dates back to 1974. Distilled in the spring of 2002, it was aged for 18 years and 3 months on the first floor of Warehouse P. Bottled at 101 proof, the sour mash bill features Kentucky corn, Minnesota Rye, and North Dakota malted barley. Eagle rare 17 year for sale , This rare and exceptionally old bourbon delights with a nose of ripe cherries, vanilla cream, and oak, which develop into caramel and coffee flavors on the well-balanced palate, rounded up by oak, pepper, and fresh herbs.

Situated on the Kentucky River in Frankfort, Kentucky, Buffalo Trace Distillery takes its name from an ancient pathway that migrating buffalo used when traveling westward. The trail was well-known among Native Americans and was eventually used by pioneering settlers who crossed the Ohio River and followed the buffalo trace to the Western frontier.

Tasting Notes – Eagle rare 17 year for sale

The fragrant aroma has almost a wine-like character with hints of almond, cigar boxes and cinnamon. The delicate and dry mid-palate tastes of leather, vanilla and tobacco. This bourbon lingers, finishing with hint of leather and toffee.

Vital Stats: 50.5% ABV, 101 proof. Distilled in spring 2002. Aged 18 years and 3 months in #4 charred new American oak from  warehouses P. The sour mash bill consists of Kentucky corn, Minnesota Rye, and North Dakota malted barley. 750ml $99.

Appearance: Tawny/polished mahogany

Nose: The nose on this dram is divine. I find it to be a work of art in how well the aged notes are working here in harmony. Vanilla beans are the most distinct scent followed by cherry pie complete with buttery crust. Notes of cinnamon dust coupled with fragrant, pipe tobacco and sweet oak give it an aged and spiced depth. Eagle rare 17 year for sale

Brulée’d sugar, candied orange peel, blackberry jam and a hint of peppermint candy give both a sweet and fruity character to each sniff. What I find interesting is the faint amount of herbal and saltwater taffy notes that I pick up that I would not normally associate with Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #1. They add complexity that I would normally not expect from this kind of pour.

Palate: A really delicious and fascinating wood note shows age without overpowering the mouth with tannins. Notes of blackberry, lemon and cherry lend a lush, fruity punch that accompanies toasted sugars. I’m surprised with the amount of citrus zest I can taste because I would normally associate that with a younger whiskey.

Finish: The finish is where the 18+ years in a barrel really show their mark. Oak, barrel char, leather and tobacco all share an equal amount of the stage, demonstrating the age of this bourbon. There are some sweeter notes like candied citrus peel and toasted brown sugar but it’s the tannins that really show off. I also find a bit of cinnamon and anise spice too.

Final Thoughts – Eagle rare 17 year for sale

Scoring just short of a perfect 10 was the fact that the finish didn’t have a perfect balance that the palate did. What it had was still brilliant, but it did lean a bit more towards the bitterness of the tannins. Still, for such an old bourbon, that is to be expected and probably a reason to seek it out for most drinkers. I was just amazed at being able to sense so much fruit after just under two decades in wood.

For a couple of years now, I couldn’t understand why anyone would pick Eagle Rare 17 as a preferred bottle over George T. Stagg (which is 15 years old). The GTS’s stronger proof seemed like a no-brainer if you wanted to indulge yourself in flavor country. But after my time with ER17 it became obvious that this is a pour for people that appreciate precision and finesse over brute strength. I always thought of the “rare” in Eagle Rare as a bit of a boast, but when it comes to Eagle Rare 17 Year, it’s a perfect fit. Eagle rare 17 year for sale

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