EAGLE RARE 17 Year Old Bourbon 750ml bottle



Product Description – 17 Year Old Bourbon

17 Year Old Bourbon: This uncommon bourbon a while in oak barrels for almost a long time and is simplest to be had in small portions as soon as a year, each fall. Sip this polished, properly-elderly whiskey to understand why staying power is the sort of virtue.

Collection – 17 Year Old Bourbon

Eagle Rare

Double Eagle Very Rare

Eagle Rare 17 Year-Old

Tasting Notes

Nose: The nostril in this dram is divine. I discover it to be a piece of artwork in how properly the elderly notes are operating right here in harmony. Vanilla beans are the maximum wonderful heady fragrance observed with the aid of using cherry pie entire with buttery crust. Notes of cinnamon dirt coupled with fragrant, pipe tobacco and candy oak supply it an elderly and spiced depth.

Brulée’d sugar, candied orange peel, blackberry jam and a touch of peppermint sweet supply each a candy and fruity man or woman to every sniff. What I discover thrilling is the faint quantity of natural and saltwater taffy notes that I choose up that I might now no longer usually companion with Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #1.  They upload complexity that I might usually now no longer anticipate from this type of pour.17 Year Old Bourbon

Palate: A virtually scrumptious and charming timber notice suggests age without overpowering the mouth with tannins. Notes of blackberry, lemon and cherry lend a lush, fruity punch that accompanies toasted sugars. I’m amazed with the quantity of citrus zest I can flavor due to the fact I might usually companion that with a more youthful whiskey.

Finish: The end is wherein the 18+ years in a barrel virtually display their mark. Oak, barrel char, leather-based and tobacco all proportion a same quantity of the stage, demonstrating the age of this bourbon. There are a few sweeter notes like candied citrus peel and toasted brown sugar however it’s the tannins that virtually display off. I additionally discover a piece of cinnamon and anise spice too.

Vital Stats: 50.50 V, one zero one proof. Distilled in spring 2002. Aged 18 years and three months in #four charred new American oak from  warehouses P. The bitter mash invoice includes Kentucky corn, Minnesota Rye, and North Dakota malted barley. 17 Year Old Bourbon

Appearance: Tawny/polished mahogany


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