BLANTON’S Silver Edition Bourbon Kentucky Straight Whiskey 750ml bottle


A historic brand with a rich history of whiskey craftsmanship, today Blanton’s is one of the foremost authorities on quality distilled bourbon whiskey. Famed for producing the world’s first commercially sold single barrel bourbon, the Original Single Barrel, Blanton’s now boasts a range of carefully curated Kentucky bourbon whiskeys tailored for collectors and connoisseurs. Whether it is the acclaimed ‘Original Single Barrel’ taken directly from the center of Warehouse H, the cask strength ‘Straight from the Barrel’ designed for lovers of strong, heavier flavors, or the refined elegance of the Special Reserve and super-premium Gold edition, Blanton’s caters to epicures of fine taste and whiskey lovers of all walks of life. Having won countless awards over the years for outstanding bourbon craftsmanship, Blanton’s sits comfortably in the upper echelons of the industry and is thoroughly deserving of a prominent place in any whiskey cabinet.


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