COLONEL E. H. TAYLOR Barrel Proof Bourbon 750ml bottle



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Buy Barrel Proof Bourbon: Colonel EH Taylor Barrel Proof Batch eight (EHTBPB8) bourbon is amazing. It smells, liquids and finishes like a ninety evidence pour but its bottle label places this whiskey at 129.three Proof. Subtle darkish fruit aromas, spice, brown sugar caramel and all rightbyskip without problems to the palate and on thru the end. EHTBPB8’s tawny shadeation belies its age; it tastes vintage. Do yourself a desire and steady a bottle of this OUTSTANDING bourbon, regardless of the batch.


Upon first nosing, EHTBPB8 has no discernable warmth or alcohol. There is dry warmth, roasted corn, dusty grain and a faint sensation of darkish dried culmination: purple raisins, darkish cherry and a kiss of citrus. Baking notes of allspice, cloves, heat ginger, and nutmeg are combined into mild vanilla infused orange sponge cake. Continual nosing brings additional, however diffused candies of brown sugar, woody caramel, orange blossom honey and toasted almond toffee which can be lightly hidden amongst its pro dry vintage all rightand toasted barrel haze.


EHTBPB8 liquids because it smells: Dry and heat with smooth flavors of fruit blossoms, roasted corn and dusty grain. Each sip is straightforward to keep because it awaits the inevitable chew. As sensed withinside the aroma, dried culmination of darkish cherry, ripe darkish plums and raisins come thru as do candy milk chocolate infused with vanilla, brown sugar, burnt woody caramel, darkish toffee and now roasted walnuts.  Its pro dry vintage oak, hazy toasted wooden and the feeling of moist tooled leather-based, drifts over my tongue earlier than every swallow. While I recognize that is a 129 evidence bourbon, for me it’s miles pretty gentle.Buy Barrel Proof Bourbon

Balance, Body, Feel and Look:

EHTBPB8 is a stable and properly combined bourbon. From the primary sip, I am wowed via way of means of its wealthy creaminess. As it passes thru my mouth, its evidence asserts itself at the lower back of the tongue earlier than every swallow. In the Glencairn, the liquid breaks into rapid losing legs, leaving an ill-described crown of various period inverted droplets earlier than they slide lower back into the tawny bowl.


Colonel EH Taylor Barrel Proof Batch eight Bourbon gives a medium lengthy to lengthy dry heat end with little to no warmth. The sensations of roasted corn, dusty grain, darkish dried fruit, faint cloves and pepper fade lightly into this bourbon’s burnt caramel, toasted all rightand vintage leather-based bliss.  When the final dram is downed, dry vintage all rightwafts from the empty Glencairn. Buy Barrel Proof Bourbon


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