Michter’s 25 Years Old Single Barrel Bourbon



Good things come to those who wait and a perfect example of that is Michter’s Bourbon. Michter’s has been distilling whiskey since 1753 and offers some of the finest small-batch and single barrel Bourbons around.

Its Celebration Sour Mash retails (when it can be found) for anything between $3,690 -$5,000 per bottle. This Bourbon is nothing short of a collector’s item and the 2019 release consisted of only 277 bottles.

The ultra-premium Kentucky Bourbon features a cascade of flavours ranging from dark chocolate truffle to cloves and pineapple. The 2019 Release of Michter’s Celebration was blended by Dan McKee’s, the latest Master Distiller of Michter’s.

Some of the blended elements featured are aged for more than 30 years, resulting in a truly premium, yet lesser-spotted drink. To finish, the mixture is hand-bottled and comes with an 18 karat gold lettering labelled boxed.


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